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Customer rating: 4.9 out of 5
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Active ingredient: Amoxicillin

Amoxil - is a semi-synthetic aminopenicillin antibiotic of broad spectrum effects for oral administration. Suppresses the synthesis of the cell wall of the following bacteria: Corynebacteriumdiphtheriae, Enterococcus faecalis, Listeria monocytogenes, Streptococcus agalactiae, Streptococcus bovis, Streptococcus pyogenes; Helicobacter pylori; Peptostreptococcus; Borrelia.

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Amoxil 1000mg

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Amoxil 500mg

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Amoxil 250mg

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Sophia Clark
Chicago, 2024-03-21 (✅ verified customer)
Dealing with tonsillitis is never fun, but this medication made it much more manageable. It reduced the inflammation and made swallowing less painful. So grateful for the relief it provided and the fast delivery of this drugstore.
Ethan Thompson
Philadelphia, 2024-03-05 (✅ verified customer)
I started this med because of the throbbing pain of a dental abscess. Other painkillers and antibiotics didn't have an effect on me. Amoxil started working almost immediately, and I could feel the infection clearing up within days. I could sleep, eat, and function normally.
Abigail Carter
Houston, 2024-02-16 (✅ verified customer)
Thanks to this medication, I was able to overcome my bacterial infection quickly and effectively. It deserves the highest rate.
Andrew Wright
New York, 2024-02-01 (✅ verified customer)
I use Amoxil to manage my tonsillitis symptoms when they arise. It reduces the swelling and pain pretty fast, so I can return to my everyday life. Thankful for the effects and fast delivery. I will buy it again.
Madison Nelson
Denver, 2024-01-29 (✅ verified customer)
I've struggled with recurring ear infections, but this medication finally helped me find relief. Definitely my go-to treatment from now on.
Joseph King
Jacksonville, 2024-01-18 (✅ verified customer)
Thanks to Amoxil, I could recover from tonsillitis without waiting for weeks. It eased the pain and swelling in a few days so I could come back to my routine.
Lily Parker
Columbus, 2023-12-17 (✅ verified customer)
This med is smth particular! It provides fast and effective relief from the pain of a dental abscess. Grateful for such a practical solution and fast delivery.
Samuel Johnson
Austin, 2023-12-13 (✅ verified customer)
I was impressed by how quickly Amoxil could clear up my bacterial infection. I tried other antibiotics before but have never experienced such good results. It alleviated my symptoms within days, allowing me to feel like myself again!
Hannah Murphy
Nashville, 2023-11-20 (✅ verified customer)
This medication worked wonders for my ear infection. It provided fast relief from the pain and pressure, allowing me to return to my normal routine without any lingering discomfort.
Scarlett Green
Atlanta, 2023-11-02 (✅ verified customer)
I took Amoxil for a sinus infection I got after an operation on my wisdom tooth. The med did its job perfectly, taking the pain and fever away in no time.
William Smith
Charlotte, 2023-10-11 (✅ verified customer)
This medication was a lifesaver for my ear infection. The pain was unbearable at first, but within a couple of days of starting the treatment, I felt immense relief. Be sure to finish the treatment course to recover completely.
Emily Johnson
Seattle, 2023-10-05 (✅ verified customer)
After struggling with tonsillitis for weeks, I finally went to the doctor and got an Amoxil prescription. The med provided the relief I needed in two days. It reduced the swelling and eased the pain, allowing me to eat and sleep normally again.
Alexander Brown
New York, 2023-09-29 (✅ verified customer)
I had a tooth infection and dental abscess recently and was told to take this medication. Within a few days, the swelling went down, and the pain subsided significantly. Grateful for this! I ate a lot of yogurt to avoid stomach upset side effects, which worked for me.
Olivia Davis
New Orleans, 2023-09-11 (✅ verified customer)
Amoxil worked well for my bacterial infection. I noticed improvement within just a few doses. But it took the whole course to feel 100% healthy.
Benjamin Taylor
Jersey City, 2023-08-17 (✅ verified customer)
I've had recurring ear infections. That's why I prefer to have an effective antibiotic in my first aid kit. Amoxil relieves the pain and clears up the infection quickly. It works really well for otitis.
Daniel Martinez
Miami, 2023-08-14 (✅ verified customer)
My dentist put me on five days of Amoxil due to my tooth infection. This medication saved me from unbearable pain. It started working quickly, and I could feel the infection clearing in 3 days. However, I finished the course as it was prescribed. Satisfied with the results.
Chloe White
Milwaukee, 2023-07-19 (✅ verified customer)
I was initially skeptical and worried because of how many reviews about side effects I read. However, this medication truly helped clear up my bacterial infection quickly and without any adverse reactions.
Christopher Lee
Tucson, 2023-07-09 (✅ verified customer)
I got an ear infection while on the trip. And my friend gave this pill to me. It turned things around well, relieving the pressure and pain and allowing me to hear clearly again. Great med!
Mia Harris
Sacramento, 2023-06-23 (✅ verified customer)
Thanks to this medication, I was able to bounce back from tonsillitis much quicker than expected. I have flare-ups from time to time, especially when seasons change. I will definitely buy Amoxil here again.
Isabella Wilson
Kansas City, 2023-06-07 (✅ verified customer)
Amoxil saved me from feeling miserable. The med worked wonders, alleviating my symptoms and helping me feel like myself again. However, I also had diarrhea and abdominal pains as side effects.
Jacob Rodriguez
Las Vegas, 2023-05-15 (✅ verified customer)
I have chronic ear infections when I get cold, and Amoxil became my fav med to deal with that condition. It reduces the pain and inflammation quickly, making it much easier to cope with symptoms.
Ava Anderson
Philadelphia, 2023-05-05 (✅ verified customer)
I have chronic tonsillitis, and Amoxil helps me to fight the disease flare-ups fast and without side effects. I take it as soon as I feel the first symptoms, and it usually takes up to 3 days to feel relief.
Mia Jackson
Houston, 2023-04-22 (✅ verified customer)
I was at my wit's end with a painful dental abscess until I started Amoxil. It provided quick relief and helped clear the infection faster than I thought possible. However, my experience was not perfect cause I felt nauseous the whole time I was on this drug.
Harper Moore
Chicago, 2023-04-01 (✅ verified customer)
This med was prescribed for my bacterial infection. The most impressive thing is it started working very quickly. I felt better after the first intake. Now I'm completely fine. I'm impressed by the effects and this drugstore's service as well.
Matthew Taylor
Detroit, 2023-03-23 (✅ verified customer)
Amoxil was good enough for managing my otitis. I highly recommend it for similar issues.
Charlotte Martinez
Washington, D.C., 2023-03-10 (✅ verified customer)
I took it for a terrible dental abscess. It didn't work immediately, so I panicked. But on day three, the swelling finally reduced, and I felt relief. It works; just give it time.
James Harris
Memphis, 2023-02-13 (✅ verified customer)
I was hesitant to try this medication because of the many negative reviews I read. But I trusted my doctor and took it as prescribed. I have never regretted that decision. It worked quickly and effectively without side effects!
Amelia Allen
Mesa, 2023-02-07 (✅ verified customer)
This medication saved me from days of misery due to otitis. It relieved the pain and pressure almost immediately, but I did have digestion problems after the treatment course. So there are some side effects for sure.
Joshua Young
Dallas, 2023-01-26 (✅ verified customer)
I'm so thankful for this medication, which helped me recover from tonsillitis in 4 days. I have no pain or swelling; the only side effect I felt so far is mild dizziness.
Grace Adams
Phoenix, 2023-01-30 (✅ verified customer)
Amoxil provided the relief I desperately needed when I had a tooth infection. Already after the first intake, the pill reduced the pain and swelling. I felt much better with every subsequent day of the treatment course. I took probiotics to avoid stomach problems, and they worked.
David Hall
Seattle, 2023-01-09 (✅ verified customer)
This medication was incredibly effective in treating my tooth infection. It started working quickly, and I could sleep normally. I got a little bit of diarrhea, but not too much. Satisfied with the treatment overall.
Evelyn Scott
Boston, 2022-12-24 (✅ verified customer)
Dealing with an ear infection was very tough, for me partly because I had to prepare for exams and had no time for being ill. Amoxil relieved the pain and pressure in 2 days, allowing me to focus on my studies. It's a great medicine!
Nicholas Evans
Denver, 2022-12-21 (✅ verified customer)
I couldn't have made it through my tonsillitis without this drug. It reduced the pain and inflammation in no time, making it easier to swallow and eat. Thankful.
Zoe Mitchell
Nashville, 2022-11-30 (✅ verified customer)
Amoxil does what it should. I had a dental abscess, and already, after one intake, I felt quick relief from the pain. Till the end of the treatment course, the drug made me feel 100% healthy.
Ryan Garcia
Colorado Springs, 2022-11-06 (✅ verified customer)
Thanks to this medication, I was able to overcome my bacterial infection without enduring too much discomfort. It started working quickly and alleviated my symptoms within days. So grateful for such an effective treatment option.
Jonathan Rivera
Tulsa, 2022-10-28 (✅ verified customer)
I'm so grateful for this medication, which helped me recover from tonsillitis much faster than I anticipated. It eased the pain and swelling
Stella Hill
Cleveland, 2022-10-12 (✅ verified customer)
I used Amoxil for gum infection. The prescribed dosage of 500 mg was enough to reduce my pain significantly in 3 days. I had dizziness and headache as side effects at first, but after the third day of treatment, they became mild. I'm feeling well now, on day 7 of the treatment course.
Gabriel Cook
New Orleans, 2022-09-21 (✅ verified customer)
I was prescribed Amoxil for a tooth infection. It started to work only on the second day of intake. Side effects were pronounced. I had sleep disturbance and stomach upset. However, the goal was achieved by the end of the course, and my infection was cleared up.
Christian Brooks
Aurora, 2022-09-07 (✅ verified customer)
I've already taken this med once, but for another condition. Now I'm taking it for strep throat. So far, so good. No side effects except mild diarrhea.
Ruby Bell
Stockton, 2022-08-18 (✅ verified customer)
Amoxicillin deals well with my UTIs, which happen from time to time. I'm usually OK in a few days and don't have side effects. I have bought my meds here two times and have not regretted it. Good quality and fast delivery.
Nathan Parker
St. Louis, 2022-08-02 (✅ verified customer)
It worked for dental infection only on day 4. It's not a fast drug, but it's still effective.
Eleanor Reed
Los Angeles, 2022-07-31 (✅ verified customer)
Ten days is usually enough to get rid of a urinary tract infection with the help of this drug. I can sometimes have mild drowsiness as a side effect, but it is nothing too bothersome. The results are quite satisfying.
Isaac Hayes
Philadelphia, 2022-07-10 (✅ verified customer)
Amoxicillin cured my severe tooth infection in 10 days. I didn't have side effects at all. But it is worth mentioning that I took probiotics and ate a lot of yogurt.
Vince Price
Austin, 2022-06-17 (✅ verified customer)
I'm grateful to this med for taking me out of severe pain in just one day. White male, 45 y.o. Diagnosis- bladder infection.
Dylan Stewart
Charlotte, 2022-06-02 (✅ verified customer)
Unfortunately, Amoxil 250 mg didn't work for my dental abscess. Probably, I needed a larger dose. Anyway, I had more luck with another drug.
Aria Carter
Denver, 2022-05-20 (✅ verified customer)
The pills worked pretty well for an infection on a back molar. Also, I didn't notice any side effects.
Luke Phillips
Portland, 2022-05-09 (✅ verified customer)
Great med I use for different infections when they occur. No complaints.
Penelope Turner
Las Vegas, 2022-04-19 (✅ verified customer)
Those pills were good at curing my bacterial pneumonia. I felt Amoxil's effects were slow but consistent. And I don't have side effects except for loose stool.
Brandon Russell
Sacramento, 2022-04-01 (✅ verified customer)
It helped pretty fast for my bacterial infection, but I had nausea and headaches during the treatment.
Violet Coleman
Miami, 2022-03-22 (✅ verified customer)
Amoxil cleared up UTI in 10 days; I felt much better in half of that time. I consider those effects excellent.
Logan Adams
Anaheim, 2022-03-11 (✅ verified customer)
It was highly effective for my urinary tract infection, but the side effects were not mild. I barely ended the treatment because of diarrhea. However, I still think Amoxil is a good med.
Audrey Foster
San Antonio, 2022-02-19 (✅ verified customer)
I've tried a few other drugs before I started Amoxil. And these pills were much more effective for my bacterial infection compared to other meds.
Caleb Cox
Columbus, 2022-02-07 (✅ verified customer)
Amoxil could only hold my infection but not to clear it up. The day I stopped the intake, the infection came back.
Aurora Hayes
Phoenix, 2022-01-21 (✅ verified customer)
Amoxil saved me from a bottom gum infection. I felt relief after two days of intake and continued the treatment until I was 100%OKk. I had a mild stomach pain as a side effect. But a bland diet helped.
Anthony Sanders
San Antonio, 2022-01-08 (✅ verified customer)
I have UTIs pretty often, and Amoxil is my favorite antibiotic because these pills act fast and effectively. However, I highly recommend taking probiotics with it to avoid unpleasant side effects.
Nora Bennett
Fort Worth, 2021-12-25 (✅ verified customer)
I took it after a dental operation to keep things safe and reduce the pain. It worked great. Thanks for the fast delivery.
Cooper Morgan
Charlotte, 2021-12-20 (✅ verified customer)
Infected gum around one molar was a reason for taking this med. Amoxil reduced the pain after the first dose, and I felt better with every other day. I felt a little bit more tired than usual but also slept very well at night during the treatment course.
Clara Jenkins
Seattle, 2021-11-11 (✅ verified customer)
The tablets helped against pleurisy and a long-lasting sub-febrile temperature. Thanks to the pharmacy for the excellent service.
Jason Foster
Boston, 2021-11-07 (✅ verified customer)
This antibiotic was prescribed to me several times for angina and bronchitis. Both times, the drug acted quickly and effectively without side effects.
Paisley Simmons
Indianapolis, 2021-10-21 (✅ verified customer)
This antibiotic has relieved me of my chronic cystitis. There are no words to tell you how grateful I am.
Henry Brooks
Detroit, 2021-10-07 (✅ verified customer)
After the virus, there was a complication in the bronchi. Amoxil quickly coped with the infection without side effects. 10 out of 10.
Zoey Murphy
Portland, 2021-09-21 (✅ verified customer)
The medication is great for angina and otitis. I always ask doctors for an Amoxil prescription because it does not cause side effects.
Levi Mitchell
Memphis, 2021-09-03 (✅ verified customer)
Amoxil is great for alleviating pain and inflammation if you have tonsillitis like me. The pills helped me recover two times faster than usual.
Sadie Rivera
Louisville, 2021-08-14 (✅ verified customer)
I'm happy with the effects of this drug on my dental infection. I'm still taking it, but I can feel a huge difference. Highly recommend it.
Zachary Powell
Baltimore, 2021-08-04 (✅ verified customer)
This drug saved me from excruciating pain caused by otitis. I felt relief after two days of intake. Many thanks to this drugstore's delivery services. Good job.
Kennedy Ward
Milwaukee, 2021-07-30 (✅ verified customer)
Amoxil worked well for a stubborn case of tonsillitis I had. Nothing else except this antibiotic could clear up the infection completely.
Owen Perry
Albuquerque, 2021-07-19 (✅ verified customer)
I always have Amoxil at home because of my recurring UTIs. Pills help to get rid of symptoms in a few days.
Willow Foster
Tucson, 2021-06-24 (✅ verified customer)
I used this medication to treat otitis. The action was pretty slow. I felt a noticeable relief only on the fourth day. But I’m happy with the effect.
Julian Gray
Fresno, 2021-06-11 (✅ verified customer)
I do not like taking pills, and especially antibiotics. But I had to do it because of bronchitis. Amoxil helped quickly, and I felt no side effects.
Piper Cooper
Sacramento, 2021-05-20 (✅ verified customer)
After removing the wisdom tooth, I had to take this antibiotic. I expected the worst, as I read many reviews about side effects. But it went well. I had a bit of a stomachache, but I took probiotics and ate a lot of fat curd to avoid digestive problems.
Carter Ross
Kansas City, 2021-05-13 (✅ verified customer)
Excellent and effective antibiotic. Took it from different infections at different times. It never fails.
Savannah Nelson
Atlanta, 2021-04-22 (✅ verified customer)
It took longer than expected for this med to act. I took it for a dental abscess and felt it worked only on day 5 of intake. Anyway, it helped in the end.
Dominic Foster
Raleigh, 2021-04-02 (✅ verified customer)
I took Amoxil for UTI, and it worked well for the infection. However, I also got headaches and diarrhea as side effects. Not so perfect med for me.
Hazel Campbell
Omaha, 2021-03-28 (✅ verified customer)
Effective pills and fast delivery. Thanks.
Miles Ramirez
Miami, 2021-02-20 (✅ verified customer)
Amoxil is great if you get the proper dosage. I got too small one first. But things went well when I started taking 500 mg 3 times a day. No complaints except dizziness so far. Overall, my experience is positive.
Autumn Morgan
Oakland, 2021-02-11 (✅ verified customer)
The pills did what they promised for bronchitis. There were some side effects, like diarrhea and nausea, but they subsided after two days of intake.
Cole Richardson
Minneapolis, 2021-01-11 (✅ verified customer)
The drug cured my tonsillitis in 5 days. Thankful for such effects and fast delivery. Going to order it here one more time if needed.

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Amoxil product description

Drug uses

Amoxil is an antibiotic of the penicillin group with a wide spectrum of antibacterial and bactericidal action. The antibacterial drug Amoxil is effective in treating various types of infectious diseases, including bacterial infections of:

genitourinary tract
upper respiratory tract
lower respiratory tract
skin and skin structure

Due to its high efficiency and safety, Amoxil is recommended for treatment of ear, throat, nose infections, acute and chronic bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, pyelonephritis, cystitis, and urethritis in pediatric patients aged 3 months and older.

A single dose of Amoxil for infants and children is 25 mg per kilogram of body weight. Amoxil should be dosed according to the adult recommendations for children, weighing 40 kg and more.
Standard adult Amoxil dose is 250mg, three times a day. The total daily dose of Amoxil may be increased to 1750mg for an intensive antibiotic therapy.

Missed dose

The patients, going through the antibacterial therapy, should follow the established dosing regimen of Amoxil without changing it anyhow. What should the patient do, if he or she forgot to take a dose of the antibiotic?

To take the missed Amoxil dose, as soon as remembers about it.
To skip the missed Amoxil dose, if the time to take the next dose is soon to come

Amoxil dose is recommended to be taken at the same time.

More information

Patients should comply with the recommended duration of Amoxil use to reduce the risk of antimicrobial resistance and maintain the effectiveness of antimicrobial therapy. Clinical studies have shown that Amoxil has no teratogenic effect, however, a thorough analysis of potential benefits and potential risks, associated with antibiotic therapy, should be carried out before initiating treatment with the antibiotic during pregnancy.


The antibiotic Amoxil should be protected from moisture and stored at temperature not lower than 25°C.

Amoxil safety information


Amoxil should be used with caution in patients with mononucleosis, because the antibiotic may cause an erythematous skin rash. Probenecid, coadministered with Amoxil, may increase antibiotic concentration in blood and bile, since Probenecid suppresses the elimination of the drug through the kidneys.

Combined use of Amoxil with allopurinol may lead to allergic skin reactions. Joint use of Amoxil with other antibiotics changes the intestinal flora, which further reduces the effectiveness of combined oral contraceptives. Concurrent Amoxil use with anticoagulants may require the anticoagulants adjustment to maintain the desired level of anticoagulation.


Information about penicillin antibiotic Amoxil is presented for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for consulting a practicing Infectious Diseases specialist. The online pharmacy reserves the right to add, modify, change, or remove all or a part of information about Amoxil, and is not liable for the use or misinterpretation of published materials on the antibacterial agent Amoxil.

Amoxil side effects

Amoxil unwanted effects are similar to the side effects of other antibiotics from the penicillin group. Amoxil cancellation due to serious unwanted effects has been recorded in rare cases. The type and severity of unwanted effects depend on the used Amoxil dose and peculiarities of the antibiotic therapy. The risk of unwanted effects increases, when Amoxil is used in high doses and in combination with other drugs.

Approximately 1% of patients may experience gastrointestinal disorders or skin rash, when using Amoxil for bacterial infection monotherapy.
Approximately 5-8% of patients may have diarrhea, headache, taste perversion, when Amoxil is introduced into the combined antibiotic therapy.

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