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Customer rating: 4.9 out of 5
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Active ingredient: Furosemide

"Loop" diuretic, used for edematous syndrome with CHF II-III st., liver cirrhosis, kidney disease; swelling of the lungs or brain; arterial hypertension, hypercalcemia. Causes a rapidly advancing, strong and short-term diuresis. Has natriuretic and chlororetic effects, increases the excretion of K +, Ca2 +, Mg2 +.

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Lasix 100mg

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Lasix 40mg

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Bronson Churchwell
New York City, 2024-05-18 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been a crucial part of my treatment plan for chronic renal failure. From what I understood, after a month of treatment: 1) It helps to regulate my fluid levels. 2) It keeps my kidneys functioning as best as they can. I can't ask for more. I also get my meds from this drugstore, and I wanted to say thanks for the lightning-fast delivery.
Stewart Frake
Los Angeles, 2024-05-07 (✅ verified customer)
First of all, this drugstore is awesome; delivery and service, on the whole, is great. It is really pleasant to get your meds on time when you have a liver disease. Lasix has been very helpful in managing the fluid buildup in my body. I felt the swelling began to reduce the second day after my first dose. So far, so good. And I see improvements every day.
Burton Hedge
Chicago, 2024-04-26 (✅ verified customer)
I have been taking Lasix for a while now to manage my nephrotic syndrome. It effectively reduces the swelling and helps control my blood pressure. I am grateful for this drug's effect and fast delivery!
Norris Algood
Houston, 2024-04-05 (✅ verified customer)
This med has been a part of my treatment for chronic renal failure. But it played a crucial role in my recovery. It helps keep my fluid levels balanced without noticeable side effects.
Noah Jenkins
Phoenix, 2024-03-28 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been instrumental in managing my edema for years. It effectively reduces swelling, giving me peace of mind and returning me to my everyday life.
Graham Fairfield
Philadelphia, 2024-03-12 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix effectively reduces fluid buildup and helps keep my symptoms under control. Grateful for that.
Camdene Edgin
San Antonio, 2024-02-29 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been a crucial part of my treatment for acute renal failure. It's helped alleviate some of the symptoms, and I didn't experience any side effects.
Riley Broadhurst
San Diego, 2024-02-02 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix was excellent in managing my CHF. It makes my calves and feet look OK and gives me the possibility to breathe like an average person.
Lucas Nguyen
Dallas, 2024-01-18 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been a crucial part of my treatment for acute renal failure. It's helped alleviate some of the symptoms and supported my recovery process. Also, thanks for the good service! Delivery was fast.
Piers Duffield
San Jose, 2023-12-30 (✅ verified customer)
All I can say is Lasix works. I have chronic renal failure and take these pills constantly. It helps regulate my fluid levels, and I don't have any side effects.
Levi Thate
Austin, 2023-12-07 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has done wonders in managing my hypertensive crisis. It worked quickly to lower my blood pressure. And I will be forever thankful for this drug's effect.
Ryan Clark
Jacksonville, 2023-11-23 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been incredibly helpful in managing my edema. It has been effectively reducing the swelling in my legs and ankles for five years now. I notice almost immediate weight gain if I miss a dose.
Lois Coleson
Columbus, 2023-11-08 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been a lifesaver for my nephrotic syndrome. It significantly reduced the swelling in my body relatively fast. Also, it made it easier to move around and perform daily activities. The med deserved my respect as well as the service of this drugstore. Thanks for the fast delivery!
Mildred Darlington
Charlotte, 2023-10-26 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been a part of managing my chronic renal failure. After three weeks of treatment, I can conclude it helps control fluid retention and reduces swelling and discomfort. It deserves five stars!
Norma Boozer
San Francisco, 2023-10-09 (✅ verified customer)
I had a positive experience with Lasix. As someone battling nephrotic syndrome, the fluid retention was unbearable. Lasix was the only drug that helped to flush out the excess fluid without severe side effects. The only side effect I had was loss of appetite. But it subsided after a week of intake. It's been a game-changer in managing my condition.
Chapman Council
Indianapolis, 2023-09-27 (✅ verified customer)
Dealing with a hypertensive crisis is scary because of the possible consequences. My doctor prescribed Lasix, and it has been a reliable ally in bringing down my blood pressure quickly and effectively. 10 out of 10.
Berenice Beardsley
Seattle, 2023-09-06 (✅ verified customer)
I've been living with liver disease for three years now. Lasix works pretty well in alleviating the fluid buildup in my body. The only side effect I have is a bit lower BP. This med has greatly improved my quality of life.
Gillian Hey
Denver, 2023-08-24 (✅ verified customer)
I've taken Laaix after I was diagnosed with acute renal failure. The medication did what it had to. It worked well to control fluid retention and edema, providing me with much-needed relief. I'm beyond grateful.
Courtnay Bigger
Washington, 2023-08-17 (✅ verified customer)
Living with nephrotic syndrome has its challenges, but I'm glad there are such meds as Lasix. This pill is a godsend in managing fluid retention. I do have low potassium levels when I take it too long. But still, the effects are amazing.
Tayte Dell
Boston, 2023-07-31 (✅ verified customer)
My diagnosis is a hypertensive crisis. And I'm 100% satisfied with how quickly Lasix brings down my blood pressure. When I have it, my anxiety goes down cause I know I will have relief after I take it.
Gladys Caryl
El Paso, 2023-07-09 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been a crucial medication in my battle against chronic renal failure. I don't know how I would live without it. It helps to keep my fluid levels in check daily. This med definitely improved my overall quality of life.
Darel Coombs
Nashville, 2023-06-24 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix helps me to deal with acute renal failure. It is perfect for controlling fluid retention. But I also experienced mild dewatering. Be careful.
Mann Hickey
Detroit, 2023-06-12 (✅ verified customer)
Dealing with a hypertensive crisis was terrifying. Lasix brought my blood pressure down quickly and effectively. And then my doctor added other meds to the list. So far, it helps. And I feel safe.
Darel Coombs
Oklahoma City, 2023-05-25 (✅ verified customer)
I have a liver disease and take Lasix for fluid retention. It's made a noticeable difference, and I'm satisfied with the treatment results.
Lois Higbie
Portland, 2023-05-10 (✅ verified customer)
I knew what Lasix was after I had acute renal failure. Even though I had headaches and sometimes felt weak, it's been a helpful medication.
Basil Boardley
Las Vegas, 2023-04-21 (✅ verified customer)
Nephrotic syndrome symptoms are far from pleasant. But Lasix made my life much easier. It effectively reduces fluid buildup and keeps me feeling comfortable.
Wanda Bigger
Memphis, 2023-04-17 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been a game-changer in managing my hypertensive crisis. So now I prefer to have it at home for critical situations.
Ara Hey
Louisville, 2023-03-24 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been a crucial part of my treatment routine for liver disease. It helps control my fluid retention and keeps my symptoms in check. I do have muscle weakness sometimes. But other than that, no side effects.
Gayna Cleeton
Baltimore, 2023-03-15 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been a lifesaver for me in managing chronic renal failure. It's helped stabilize my fluid levels and improved my overall well-being.
Creighton Burner
Milwaukee, 2023-02-22 (✅ verified customer)
I took this medication to reduce swelling (pulmonary edema). It worked. After a few days of intake, I could walk again and breathe normally.
Edla Crosthwaite
Albuquerque, 2023-02-08 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix made me pee really a lot and reduced swellings pretty quickly. The delivery of this drugstore was fast. Good job.
Philomena Gundry
Tucson, 2023-01-19 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix works great for edema when the dosage is right. 20 mg didn't work well for me, but 40 mg was enough to remove extra fluid from my body.
Basil Flynt
Fresno, 2022-12-25 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been a crucial part of my treatment for chronic renal failure. It helps regulate my fluid levels and has improved my overall quality of life. The only inconvenience was the number of times I had to go to the toilet. But it is just how it works.
Lynette Farthing
Sacramento, 2022-12-09 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix helped alleviate some of the symptoms of renal failure and supported my recovery journey. But it is not a magic pill. I had digestive problems while taking it.
Norma Bradwell
Kansas City, 2022-11-27 (✅ verified customer)
I use Lasix to manage my blood pressure. It works quickly and effectively most of the time. No side effects. But I never used it for too long without a break.
Duke Ackerman
Long Beach, 2022-11-13 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix helped to get rid of my shortness of breath caused by edema. It also made me lose 120 lbs of fluid in 3 weeks. Amazing!
Osmond Burchard
Mesa, 2022-10-22 (✅ verified customer)
It is a really good diuretic. It makes you pee a lot but takes extra fluid away quickly.
Averill Godsil
Atlanta, 2022-10-14 (✅ verified customer)
I took these pills for nephrotic syndrome, and unfortunately, they didn't help much.
Liam Crofoot
Colorado Springs, 2022-09-25 (✅ verified customer)
I was prescribed 40 mg of Lasix for a severe case of peripheral edema. I still feel swollen after a week of treatment. The pills work, but slowly.
Orva Fleek
Virginia Beach, 2022-09-06 (✅ verified customer)
I had to take Lasix a few times in my life for different diagnoses. And I can say It's a medication I can trust. I always order it here to have enough at home, just in case. 100% satisfied.
Elijah Khan
Raleigh, 2022-08-31 (✅ verified customer)
I took a few meds along with Lasix for severe edema. It worked very well, especially first days. Now, it works a bit slower. But I see the progress.
Lynet Forrester
Omaha, 2022-08-12 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix makes me pee too often! I know it should be so, but I can't go to the toilet every 10 minutes.
Brayden Patel
Miami, 2022-07-29 (✅ verified customer)
The med worked for my edema only after I took the second round with a 40 mg dose. My only advice is to watch your potassium levels while you are on this drug and do bloodwork regularly.
Barton Flynt
Oakland, 2022-07-14 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been more than helpful in managing my liver disease. It helps control my fluid retention, and I feel pretty well about my condition. So far, I have no side effects, and I hope it will stay the same for me.
Loretta Gales
Minneapolis, 2022-06-29 (✅ verified customer)
It works, but not all the time. I had to take a higher dose to make it work for my edema after two years of treatment.
Darlene Emley
Tulsa, 2022-06-11 (✅ verified customer)
Woman, 50 years, nephrotic syndrome. Lasix makes my condition not so tough. These pills effectively reduce swelling and improve my comfort.
Eldon Galpin
Wichita, 2022-05-30 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been a game-changer in managing my hypertensive crisis. It quickly lowers my blood pressure, giving me peace of mind during emergencies. I totally recommend it if you are in a similar condition!
Godwine Charton
New Orleans, 2022-05-06 (✅ verified customer)
It worked for the swelling in my legs, but my feet still look ill after two weeks of treatment. I don't know. I probably need a higher dose.
Penelope Nguyen
Arlington, 2022-04-28 (✅ verified customer)
Struggling with acute renal failure was overwhelming, but Lasix played a crucial role in my recovery. The pills worked almost immediately after I took them. It effectively controls my fluid retention now, and I can really trust this med and stay calm.
Edgar Frankson
Cleveland, 2022-04-18 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been a lifesaver for me and helped a lot with my pitting edema. I got rid of the swelling in 5 days! Amazing effect! Btw. thanks for the fast delivery.
Afra Dopkins
Bakersfield, 2022-03-28 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been a reliable medication for managing my blood pressure for years. It works quickly and effectively. The only side effect I get from time to time is a minor headache.
Isaac Big
Honolulu, 2022-03-12 (✅ verified customer)
It helps to reduce swelling caused by pulmonary edema, but at the same time, it gives me leg cramps and headaches.
Thea Doggett
Anaheim, 2022-02-28 (✅ verified customer)
Managing chronic renal failure is challenging. I'm glad my doctor prescribed me Lasix. It has been a helpful medication for me. My fluid levels balanced, and I couldn't be more grateful.
Asher Nguyen
Pittsburgh, 2022-02-17 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix reduced swelling in my legs and hands in 2 weeks. I'm still taking it as prescribed, but I already feel healthy.
Stella Patel
Louisville, 2022-01-21 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been a reliable companion in managing my edema. It effectively reduces swelling, but it can be challenging when you need to leave the house because the pill makes you pee really often. Keep that in mind before starting the treatment.
Fanny Dace
Memphis, 2021-12-21 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix is an effective drug. It helped reduce my edema significantly, but I had to pee every 30 minutes. Also, I've experienced some dizziness as a side effect.
Edlin Boon
Las Vegas, 2021-12-14 (✅ verified customer)
I had a hypertensive crisis, and Lasix was prescribed to lower my blood pressure. It worked effectively in bringing down my numbers, but I did have to deal with increased urination and had to stay at home all the time.
Odelina Hassell
Portland, 2021-11-29 (✅ verified customer)
I live with liver disease and constantly battle ascites. Lasix helps me manage this condition and reduces fluid buildup. It's been a relief, although it doesn't work wonders. I've noticed some muscle cramps as a side effect.
Borden Daines
Oklahoma City, 2021-11-12 (✅ verified customer)
I've been struggling with chronic renal failure, and Lasix has been part of my treatment plan for months. It's helped alleviate some of the fluid retention issues. I've had to take potassium pills to avoid problems with its levels.
Annis Beam
Detroit, 2021-10-29 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix has been a lifesaver for me during acute renal failure. It helped flush out most of the excess fluid from my body in 5 days! The only downside was feeling a bit dehydrated at times. But I think it is pretty standard in my situation.
Leila Dobb
Nashville, 2021-10-08 (✅ verified customer)
During a hypertensive crisis, Lasix was prescribed to help lower my blood pressure. It worked relatively quickly, which was a relief. But there were downsides too. Frequent trips to the bathroom, headaches, and dizziness are side effects I experienced.
Boniface Alliston
Boston, 2021-09-30 (✅ verified customer)
Living with liver disease has its challenges. After my doctor prescribed Lasix, life became a bit easier. It helps reduce the fluid buildup in my abdomen, providing much-needed relief.
Quenna Edmands
Washington, 2021-09-18 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix was only one element in my treatment plan for chronic renal failure. But it fulfilled its function, and I can say my experience was positive.
Joshua Carter
Denver, 2021-08-27 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix played a crucial role in my recovery. It helped eliminate excess fluid from my body, easing the strain on my kidneys. There were a few side effects, like fatigue and headaches. But they were mild and subsided after one week of treatment.
Sutton Carl
Seattle, 2021-08-08 (✅ verified customer)
I first took Lasix during a hypertensive crisis. It worked effectively, bringing my numbers down to a safer range.
Felice Gulliford
Indianapolis, 2021-07-30 (✅ verified customer)
My doctor prescribed this med for managing symptoms of my liver disease. The drug reduced fluid buildup and made a significant difference in my comfort level. But my experience wasn't perfect cause I've had occasional muscle cramps.
Sener Bryan
San Francisco, 2021-07-09 (✅ verified customer)
The drug is good at controlling fluid retention and preventing excessive swelling. However, I've had to be mindful of my potassium levels due to the drug's diuretic effects.
Shephard Cleeton
Charlotte, 2021-06-18 (✅ verified customer)
Effective diuretic with mild side effects, in my experience. It made me feel OK and breathe easier.
Lunden Eddy
Columbus, 2021-05-20 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix works until you take it. Yes, it quickly reduces swelling in my legs and ankles, but they come back when I forget to take a pill.
Rexella Flack
Jacksonville, 2021-05-10 (✅ verified customer)
I felt all the power of this drug when I had a hypertensive crisis. It worked effectively and quickly, making me feel well and safe. However, I did experience some dizziness as a side effect.
Randolf Fitch
Austin, 2021-04-26 (✅ verified customer)
The drug reduces swelling in a few days and gives a mild headache in return. As for me, it is pretty OK. The prices and service at this pharmacy are satisfying, too.
Caleb Bennett
Dallas, 2021-04-04 (✅ verified customer)
This med is smth awesome. It took my swelling away in 3 days and reduced my water weight significantly. Some weakness and fatigue are the only side effects I had.
Whitney Edge
San Diego, 2021-03-30 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix returned me to everyday life in a week, making my legs and hands less swollen. Yes, it increases urination, but it is how it works; it is not even a side effect.
Tyler Burt
Philadelphia, 2021-03-12 (✅ verified customer)
I take this drug during the hypertensive crisis, and it works every time. The only downside is feeling a bit lightheaded at times.
Garyn Boothroyd
Chicago, 2021-02-27 (✅ verified customer)
The doctor prescribed this drug for managing my liver disease symptoms, but I started to feel extremely weak and had headaches after intake. So, I'm currently looking for other options.
Dylan Biddix
Los Angeles, 2021-02-10 (✅ verified customer)
White male, 45 years, chronic renal failure. Lasix is a pretty good med. It effectively controls fluid retention, preventing excessive swelling and pains. However, I've had to be mindful of electrolyte imbalances. And you should do it too.
Edwina Bottrell
Chicago, 2021-01-16 (✅ verified customer)
Lasix helped me to deal with edema symptoms quickly and effectively. I had to go to the bathroom every hour, and it was quite OK for such a strong diuretic and quick effect.

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Lasix Product Description

Drug Uses

Lasix is an effective diuretic providing a hypotensive effect by inhibiting reabsorption of sodium and chloride ions. Lasix diuretic is characterized by a high safety profile and can be used in infants, children and adults for treatment of oedema caused by heart failure, cirrhosis and kidney disease (including nephrosis). Besides, the diuretic can be indicated to adult and elderly patients for hypertension treatment.

For oedema treatment, the adult patients are usually prescribed with 20 to 80mg of Lasix as a single dose a day. At low diuretic effect, the daily dose of the diuretic is recommended to be increased at the average by 40mg in six to eight hours. The maximum daily dose of Lasix should not exceed 400mg.

Oedema treatment in pediatric patients is usually started with a daily Lasix dose of 2 mg per kg of a child’s body weight. If necessary, the daily dose of the diuretic is recommended to be increased by 1.2mg maximum. Thus the maximum dose for children should not exceed 6mg per kg of body weight.

Missed Dose

If you’ve accidentally forgotten to take a dose of Lasix, do not double it to catch up. Wait till the next dose of the diuretic, if it should be taken soon. Otherwise, you can take the missed dose of Lasix as soon as remember about it.

More Information

In treatment of hypertension, a therapeutic dose of Lasix should be adjusted so that optimum efficacy was achieved at the minimum doses. If you fail to lower hypertension by application of Lasix alone, another antihypertensive drug can be added for support.

In combination therapy of hypertension, to prevent hypotension, the dosage of the antihypertensive drug is recommended to be decreased at the average by 50 percent. During long-term therapy with Lasix, the patients may be advised to use potassium and magnesium supplements, because the diuretic increases the excretion of potassium ions, calcium and magnesium.

Lasix tablets must be stored in the original container at the room temperature not exceeding 25°C. Keep this diuretic away from light and out of the reach of children.

Lasix Safety Information


Lasix is a strong diuretic drug and its application in high doses may lead to dehydration and reduction of blood volume, increasing the risk of vascular thrombosis and embolism. Therefore, all patients are recommended to adhere to the scheduled dosage regimen. Lasix may increase a blood glucose level, therefore the diuretic is prescribed with caution to the patients with diabetes mellitus. During application of Lasix, the patients with high blood pressure are recommended to avoid medications increasing blood pressure.

This review contains information about Lasix tablets, which is not intended to substitute for the occupational health specialist’s advice. Under no circumstances the online pharmacy will be liable for any damages and consequences, direct or consequential occurred by the use of the information about Lasix diuretic.

Lasix Side Effects

Mainly Lasix affects the metabolism in the human body. Therefore, most common adverse effects, which can be observed during therapy with this diuretic, include hyponatraemia, hypotension, hypochloraemic alkalosis, hypokalaemia, as well as other diseases associated with changes in the substance level in the body.

Typically, these adverse effects appear as a result of long-term treatment with high doses of Lasix. Sometimes metabolic disorders may lead to other adverse effects, including drowsiness, confusion, anorexia, muscle spasms, apathy, weakness, and vomiting. Children and elderly patients experience more apparent adverse effects, like dizziness, visual impairment, headache, and dry mouth.

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