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Customer rating: 4.9 out of 5
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Active ingredient: Modafinil

The medicine is an analeptic aimed to treat sleepiness connected with narcolepsy (unexpected sleepiness and drowsiness). Management of quality supervision food and drug administration is also approved for the treatment of sleep disorders associated with shift work shifts. In the first two weeks, the allergies may appear. The use of Modafinil is also popular for non-medical purposes as a relatively safe stimulant.

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Provigil 200mg

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Provigil 100mg

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David Miller
Lincoln, 2024-03-15 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has made me feel refreshed and productive for years. I don't remember how it feels to waste the whole day sleeping. I've bought my stocks here for a while. Prices are reasonable, and I'm happy with fast delivery.
Christopher Lopez
Chandler, 2024-03-14 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has been a game-changer for my depression. It helps me stay focused and motivated throughout the day. It removes the main symptoms that used to make my life miserable - tiredness, addiction to sleeping, and the need to take constant naps. I hope the drug won't lose its efficiency with time. Excellent service and fast delivery are available at this place!
Steven Taylor
Chicago, 2024-02-27 (✅ verified customer)
I have suffered from obstructive sleep syndrome for more than one year. Provigil has given me the energy to get through the day without constantly feeling exhausted. Another pleasant bonus is that this drugstore always delivers my orders quickly.
Ronald Martin
Omaha, 2024-02-08 (✅ verified customer)
Since starting Provigil for my obstructive sleep syndrome, I've noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels and overall quality of life. I feel thankful both for the drug's effects and the quality service of this pharmacy.
Jeffrey Lewis
Cleveland, 2024-01-30 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has been a game-changer for my obstructive sleep syndrome. I feel more rested and alert during the day. Many thanks to this pharmacy for the timely delivery.
Eric Young
Chicago, 2024-01-21 (✅ verified customer)
After two months of using Provigil, I can say it has helped me fight the mental fog very effectively. I feel more motivated and engaged in life. I will buy my next pack here because of the lightning-fast delivery.
Dennis Scott
Dallas, 2023-12-20 (✅ verified customer)
It's been four years since I've started Provigil for my shift work sleep disorder. I'm 100% satisfied with the effects. No complaints at all.
Peter Adams
Dallas, 2023-12-09 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has greatly improved my ability to function at work despite my narcolepsy. I can't ask for more. This pharmacy's delivery is also beyond praise. Thanks.
Lawrence Phillips
Saint Paul, 2023-11-18 (✅ verified customer)
I work at night every three days and take Provigil to function normally. The pills and pharmacy delivery service do their job perfectly.
Albert Edwards
Wichita, 2023-11-04 (✅ verified customer)
These pills made me feel alive. I felt the difference after a few days of taking the med for chronic fatigue syndrome. The brain fog left me together with extreme tiredness, and I have my life back.
Alan Murphy
Oklahoma City, 2023-10-23 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil keeps me up when I work at night, but I can sleep easily after the shift. It's an excellent drug for me. Thanks for the fast delivery, too. I'm 100% satisfied.
Thaddeus Wainwright
Durham, 2023-10-10 (✅ verified customer)
A 66-year-old man with a narcolepsy diagnosis, is here. My experience with Provigil was nothing but positive. I have enough energy for my daily routine and even more for playing with my grandkids. Amazing!
Cornelius Ashbourne
Philadelphia, 2023-09-25 (✅ verified customer)
Due to Provigil, I can maintain my wakefulness and stay productive. It also doesn't keep me from sleeping at night. Cool effect and great service!
Bartholomew Chesterton
Columbus, 2023-09-13 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil is effective for my MS, but only when I take it every other day - 3 or 4 times a week. I feel a big difference when I take this med and can totally recommend it as well as this pharmacy. Delivery is pretty fast.
James Smith
Jersey City, 2023-08-30 (✅ verified customer)
This medication has relieved me of my constant depression and drowsiness caused by it. Just a few days after I started intake, I felt much better, and for the first time in a long time, I could work productively and feel like a healthy person. Great results!
John Johnson
San Jose, 2023-08-12 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil gave me my life back. My doctor prescribed me 200 mg for narcolepsy symptoms. And I managed to do all the job tasks promptly, thanks to the energy those pills gave me. I feel excellent because I don't need to stay in bed the whole weekend anymore.
Robert Williams
New York, 2023-07-25 (✅ verified customer)
I started taking these pills for cataplexy attacks a month ago, and I have already seen the results. Now, I can not be afraid that some strong emotion will make me moveless, and it keeps me awake when I should be awake. No side effects for me.
Michaella Brown
Los Angeles, 2023-07-07 (✅ verified customer)
I'm 36 y.o. woman with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Provigil made me feel awake in all senses. Due to the med, I can lead an active and productive life. It's a truly priceless gift
William Jones
Chicago, 2023-06-29 (✅ verified customer)
All in all, it is a good and effective medication. I have taken Provigil for more than five years now, and it helps to significantly reduce my drowsiness. There can be periods when it doesn't work as well as in the beginning, but after I make a little pause, the drug starts to show the same effectiveness.
Richard Davis
Houston, 2023-06-14 (✅ verified customer)
After I was diagnosed with narcolepsy and started taking Provigil, I understood how everyday life looks and feels. No naps in the bathroom and my friends' cars anymore. Now I can finally stay awake and feel healthy!
Joseph Garcia
Philadelphia, 2023-06-04 (✅ verified customer)
The dose of this drug feels like a strong effect of coffee that lasts 8 hours. I have no side effects except occasional anxiety, but I'm not sure if it is a pill that causes it.
Charles Rodriguez
Phoenix, 2023-05-31 (✅ verified customer)
Unfortunately, these pills didn't work well on me. I didn't feel less exhausted and got nausea and diarrhea. Probably, I need smth stronger.
Thomas Martinez
San Antonio, 2023-05-12 (✅ verified customer)
Recently, I started working as an emergency worker at night. And Provigil helped me to get used to my new sleeping routine. It still gives me headaches at times, but they go away very quickly.
Daniel Hernandez
San Diego, 2023-04-07 (✅ verified customer)
The pills saved me from my excessive sleepiness and made my mood much better. I feel a little bit dizzy once in a while after intake, but it's nothing compared to the new life this med gives me.
Paul Gonzalez
Dallas, 2023-04-05 (✅ verified customer)
Living with narcolepsy was a nightmare until my doctor prescribed me Provigil. I took a few other drugs before, but all I got were side effects. Now, I can function normally without constant fatigue.
Mark Wilson
San Jose, 2023-03-20 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has greatly improved my productivity at work. As someone with obstructive sleep syndrome, I can confirm you see the difference when you start taking it.
George Anderson
Austin, 2023-03-01 (✅ verified customer)
I've struggled with depression for years, but the worst symptom always was enormous fatigue and drowsiness. Provigil has helped me handle that while lifting my mood and keeping me cheerful.
Kenneth Thomas
Jacksonville, 2023-02-12 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has made a noticeable difference in managing my narcolepsy symptoms. I think that I haven't lost my job only due to this med.
Edward Moore
Fort Worth, 2023-02-08 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has helped me combat the mental fog that comes together with depression. After a month of intake, I feel more motivated and can finally be productive throughout the day.
Brian Jackson
Columbus, 2023-01-30 (✅ verified customer)
I've been using Provigil for my narcolepsy, and it's been a game-changer. I no longer feel like I'm struggling to stay awake all the time and can live a day without taking naps.
Anthony Lee
Charlotte, 2023-01-29 (✅ verified customer)
I had a good experience with Provigil. It helped me deal with my depression. Idk how to describe the med's effects, but I guess it gives me the boost I need to live each day with more positivity.
Kevin Perez
San Francisco, 2022-12-28 (✅ verified customer)
I got a Provigil prescription because of my constant nap attacks. I started to fall asleep at work lately, so my narcolepsy had to be controlled. Pills have helped me manage my symptoms and live a more normal life without the risk of being fired.
Jessica Thompson
Indianapolis, 2022-12-08 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has greatly improved my ability to focus and concentrate at work. My diagnosis is obstructive sleep syndrome. Female, 40 y.o. if it matters.
Matthew White
Seattle, 2022-11-28 (✅ verified customer)
The pills lift my mood and give me the energy to engage in different activities. I can say it deals rather well with both of my diagnoses - depression and narcolepsy. However, it gives me mild headaches. But I don't mind.
Gary Harris
Denver, 2022-11-11 (✅ verified customer)
I started to take it only last week, and I no longer feel like I'm constantly fighting to stay awake. Great pills and fast delivery!
Timothy Sanchez
Washington, 2022-10-14 (✅ verified customer)
Since starting Provigil for my obstructive sleep syndrome, I've noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels. I can easily do everything I plan and even save some time for the gym, which was nearly impossible before.
Jose Clark
Boston, 2022-10-12 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has helped me manage my depression symptoms, and I can easily leave my bed in the morning, which is an outstanding achievement for me.
Larry Ramirez
El Paso, 2022-10-03 (✅ verified customer)
I've been living with narcolepsy for three years until doctors found out what is wrong with me. Now, when I'm taking Provigil, I can feel the difference it makes in my life. I can stay awake all day long and fulfill all my tasks. It's just a blessing!
Frank Robinson
Detroit, 2022-09-25 (✅ verified customer)
Since starting Provigil for my depression, I've noticed I can quickly go out of bed in the morning and feel much more energy and motivation for my daily routine. It's a significant change for me!
Scott Walker
Nashville, 2022-09-18 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has made a noticeable difference in managing my narcolepsy symptoms. I feel more focused and don't have to take three naps a day to feel okay. The only side effect I have is stomach upset, but I know how to deal with it, and it doesn't affect my life much.
Stephen Allen
Portland, 2022-08-15 (✅ verified customer)
As someone with obstructive sleep syndrome, Provigil has been an effective solution. Pills make me stay awake during the day, and I don't feel I'm ill until the next dose.
Andrew King
Memphis, 2022-08-05 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has been a game-changer for the main symptom of my depression. It helps me feel more motivated and capable of doing daily tasks. Now I even have enough energy to do sport. It is a fantastic feeling.
Gregory Wright
Tucson, 2022-07-18 (✅ verified customer)
Living with narcolepsy has been a constant struggle, but Provigil returned to my ability to function normally. At first, I felt some chest pain after intake, but after one week, this side effect subsided.
Joshua Hill
Buffalo, 2022-07-06 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has dramatically improved my quality of life since starting it for my obstructive sleep syndrome. I feel energized and ready to take this world. I'm so thankful my doctor prescribed it to me.
Walter Green
Colorado Springs, 2022-06-21 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has been a lifesaver for my narcolepsy. It helps me focus on important things, work, and function as a healthy person.
Patrick Baker
Tampa, 2022-06-09 (✅ verified customer)
As someone struggling with depression, I can say Provigil has been one of the best meds I have tried. No side effects, and the considerable energy boost I needed so much.
Terry Nelson
Oklahoma City, 2022-05-19 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has helped me manage my obstructive sleep syndrome symptoms pretty well compared to other drugs I tried before. Side effects (nausea and dizziness) are mild and tolerable.
Douglas Carter
Lexington, 2022-05-16 (✅ verified customer)
I have been taking this med for more than five years now. It deals with my shift work sleep disorder pretty well. But I need a bigger dose now. When I just started treatment, 100 mg was enough. Now I have to take 200 mg.
Henry Mitchell
Chandler, 2022-04-24 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has made a noticeable difference in managing my narcolepsy. I sometimes feel more anxious but don't have to take naps throughout the day and can enjoy a clear mind. It is a big gift I do appreciate.
Raymond Perez
Fort Worth, 2022-04-08 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil does what it should. It helps me stay awake and focused during the day. And I have zero side effects. It is worth trying.
Carlos Roberts
Long Beach, 2022-03-30 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has greatly improved my mood and energy levels, and I don't feel any adverse effects. I hope it will continue to work for a long time.
Arthur Turner
Boise, 2022-03-17 (✅ verified customer)
Living with narcolepsy has been challenging, but Provigil has helped me get things done and graduate from school with good grades. I couldn't study normally before, and this med really made a huge difference in my energy levels and motivation.
Keith Campbell
El Paso, 2022-02-28 (✅ verified customer)
I took Provigil for my fatigue. My energy levels and sleep patterns improved, and I have had no side effects so far.
Joe Parker
Milwaukee, 2022-02-14 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has been a game-changer for my chronic fatigue syndrome. I can meet friends again, work, and clean my flat. It feels great to come back to normal life.
Eugene Evans
Newark, 2022-01-20 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has greatly improved my quality of life since starting it for my obstructive sleep syndrome. I feel more rested and energized. There were no side effects so far. 10 out of 10.
Gerald Collins
Oakland, 2022-01-19 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil is good at managing my narcolepsy symptoms. But it gives me itching sometimes and makes my skin too sensitive. I'm not sure if I should continue taking it.
Phillip Stewart
Detroit, 2021-12-17 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has worked with too many side effects on me. It made me depressed and very anxious.
Willie Flores
Garland, 2021-12-06 (✅ verified customer)
It works only if I take it on an empty stomach and drink much water. So far, so good.
Jay Morris
Saint Paul, 2021-11-23 (✅ verified customer)
I'm a 55-year-old man taking Provigil for managing narcolepsy symptoms. It's been a month since I started treatment, and I feel the pills work. However, the med also makes me nauseous at times.
Craig Nguyen
Cincinnati, 2021-11-10 (✅ verified customer)
Only a 400mg dose works for my narcolepsy. After intake, I felt dizzy for a while. But I haven't found anything better, so I'm still on it.
Bryan Rivera
Jacksonville, 2021-10-24 (✅ verified customer)
It is one of the most effective drugs for shift work disorder I have ever tried. Totally recommend it if you have indications.
Juan Cook
Baton Rouge, 2021-10-03 (✅ verified customer)
The med worked well for delayed sleep phase syndrome. Thanks to Provigil, I can stop taking coffee eight times a day and feel cheerful.
Wayne Bailey
Glendale, 2021-09-16 (✅ verified customer)
I would give Provigil a ten if it worked the same for years. But it started to lose its efficiency after three years of my treatment, and now I should take a 200 mg dose to deal with my narcolepsy.
Roy Howard
Wichita, 2021-09-13 (✅ verified customer)
My depression was too severe for a while. Things were so bad I couldn't get out of bed. 100mg of Provigil before bedtime literally saved me. Now, I can stay in my regular sleep pattern and easily wake up in the morning.
Ralph Reyes
Bakersfield, 2021-08-30 (✅ verified customer)
The med's effect appears a little bit stronger than the coffee effect to me. Not bad overall.
Eugene Smith
Chesapeake, 2021-08-14 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil has been my loyal friend for six years. It energizes me during my night work shifts and doesn't keep me from falling asleep later.
Vincent Alexander
Greensboro, 2021-07-22 (✅ verified customer)
Overall, I'm satisfied, but I wish the effect could last longer. Eight hours is often not enough for me.
Russell Torres
Fresno, 2021-07-09 (✅ verified customer)
Great effective drug and quality service with fast delivery. Five stars from me.
Eulalia Pemberton
Jersey City, 2021-06-10 (✅ verified customer)
Game-changer for my shift work! No side effects at all. Ten out of ten.
Percival Beaumont
Memphis, 2021-06-02 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil enhances my focus and adds some energy, but it also makes me anxious at the same time.
Sarah Hargrove
Jersey City, 2021-05-22 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil worked great for my narcolepsy. I can work normally now and have enough energy to spend time with my partner and friends. I don't remember when I felt better than I do now.
Archibald Travers
Memphis, 2021-04-22 (✅ verified customer)
I like how it works for my MS. I don't feel drugged or "high" but still feel cheerful and ready to do everything that needs to be done during the day.
Calliope Fitzwilliam
Miami, 2022-04-13 (✅ verified customer)
I take it only occasionally when I know I should be extra focused. It helps every time. Thanks for the timely delivery.
Emma St. Clair
Norfolk, 2021-03-30 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil is better than any other drug I tried before. And I've been living with narcolepsy for more than 20 years now. Only this drug takes my fatigue and drowsiness away without side effects.
Ignatius Hawthorne
Lincoln, 2021-03-17 (✅ verified customer)
Unfortunately, it worked only for the first two weeks, and then I had to move to a 400 mg dose, which caused too intense headaches.
Isa Montague
Chula Vista, 2021-02-14 (✅ verified customer)
Provigil rescued me from constant fatigue. I'm on a 200mg dosage now and can stay active all day.
Clay Aldridge
Lexington, 2021-01-24 (✅ verified customer)
I'm a 44 y.o. man, diagnosed with narcolepsy. The med made me lose weight initially and gave me some headaches, but it all disappeared in 14 days. Only a high energy level and a good mood remained. I'm over the moon.

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The remedy aimed at treating wakefulness and drowsiness. It has been designed to work by changing the natural chemicals (neurotransmitters) in the brain.

Product description

The medicine is used to treat severe sleepiness caused by sleep apnea, narcolepsy or sleep disorder. The tablets affect different parts of the brain. Its most important action is to increase the rate of psychical reactions. This phenomenon refers to the lower part of the intermediate brain in which there is an excitation of the nerve pathways in which the action of orexin/hypocretins, plays an important role in the management of sleep-wakefulness.

Moreover, it activates sympathetic receptors of the nervous system, increases activity and stimulates glycine and histamine transmitters. The pills also make a stronger effect on the cortex.

Tablets also reduce the activity of inhibiting nerve cells, which has gamma-aminobutyric acid. The drug does not contribute to the excitation of the dopamine system in the nervous system, which is the most important effect among amphetamines.

Safety Information

The tablets are forbidden to use for people with allergies to the drug or skin rash. In order to be sure of the safety of tablets check whether you have the following diseases:


Liver problems (liver cirrhosis);

Kidney pain;

High pressure;

Heart disease;

If you had a heart attack;

Mental problems;

Drug addiction or excessive alcohol consumption.

At the moment, scientists have not found out the negative aspects of the drug on young kids. So you must prevent your physician about your plans for pregnancy. The medicine influences the hormonal substances for contraception (the pills, patch, injections, and coils) which will result in an unwanted pregnancy. Consult your doctor to find out which way would be best when taking these pills to prevent pregnancy. The effect of tablets on breast milk and on the baby is not yet known, but they are undesirable for children under 17 years.

Side effects

You need to get the necessary medical care if you have such allergic reactions to the drug as heavy breathing; swelling on the face, lips, tongue or throat. The cure can cause serious skin reactions and then you need to urgently see a doctor. You should stop using the drug if you have such negative symptoms as skin rash, skin exfoliation, blisters. Do not take the drug for ulcers on the neck, or while having problems with swallowing. The medicine can cause fever, shortness of breath; it contributes to the appearance of swelling in the legs. Urine has a dark color and jaundice appears. Look carefully if you do not have a tumor on your face, eyes, and throat. The drug cannot be taken if a person has a depression, hallucinations, and thoughts of suicide, becomes aggressive and react to things differently than usual. The pills cause pain in the chest, the heart starts to beat unevenly. As soon as you have a skin rash, you should stop taking the pills immediately. Other negative effects include a headache, back pain, depression, nausea, sleepless, problems with breathing.

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