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Active ingredient: Clomiphene

Clomid - anti-estrogen of nonsteroid structure which is taken for treatment of anovular infertility, dysfunctional metrorrhagia, amenorrhea, secondary amenorrheas, post-contraceptive amenorrheas, galactorrhoea (against the background of hypophysis tumor), syndrome of polycystic ovaries (sclerocystic disease of the ovary), Chiari-Frommel disease, androgenic insufficiency, oligospermatism, diagnosis of disturbances of gonadotropic function of hypophysis.

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Clomid 100mg

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Clomid 50mg

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Clomid 25mg

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Jasmine Wainwright
Chicago, 2024-03-21 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid helped regulate my ovulation cycle, which was broken because of PCOS. I successfully conceived after just two rounds of treatment on cycle days 1-5. Grateful for it!
Gwendolyn St. Claire
Omaha, 2024-03-09 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid gave me hope when I felt hopeless about conceiving. It regulated my cycles after three months of intake, and I'm now pregnant with my first child.
Seraphina Ravenswood
Minneapolis, 2024-02-21 (✅ verified customer)
I had polycystic ovaries and couldn't conceive for years. I'm grateful for Clomid as it helped me to conceive within two months of starting the treatment. Great med!
Sydney Beauregard
Greensboro, 2024-02-06 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid turned me into a proud mom of a baby girl and gave me hope after 2 years of struggle with infertility. The med deserves 1000 stars out of 5.
Ophelia Windermere
Durham, 2024-01-14 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid did its job great! It regulated my ovulation, and I got pregnant within the first month of treatment. I hadn't even realized it thoroughly before I had an ultrasound and was told I was pregnant with twins. So grateful!
Sophia Waverly
Newark, 2024-01-07 (✅ verified customer)
My blood tests showed I was not ovulating, and my doctor prescribed Clomid. After one cycle of intake, we managed to conceive. I'm over the moon.
Taylor Hawthorne
Laredo, 2023-12-21 (✅ verified customer)
I'm only 26 and never thought I would need fertility treatment. Thankfully, Clomid was my first and lucky try. It worked within two cycles, and I'm now holding my baby girl.
Anna Richardson
Los Angeles, 2023-12-18 (✅ verified customer)
After experiencing recurrent miscarriages, Clomid helped me conceive again. I can't find words for how grateful I am.
Carrie Ford
Seattle, 2023-11-19 (✅ verified customer)
Doctors couldn't explain my infertility for a long time. But Clomid was an answer. It took several rounds, but now I'm awaiting my baby.
Eva Wainwright
Charlotte, 2023-11-11 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid was prescribed to me after being diagnosed with ovulatory dysfunction. Thrilled to be expecting after just one cycle. Many thanks to this drugstore for the fast delivery.
Dazy Hawthorne
Denver, 2023-10-27 (✅ verified customer)
After a miscarriage, Clomid helped us conceive again. I hope everything will be okay this time. Thanks for the affordable prices and fast delivery.
Betty Hawthorne
Indianapolis, 2023-10-05 (✅ verified customer)
Using Clomid with timed intercourse was our strategy that led to success. Now thrilled to be expecting our little one after four cycles. Totally recommend this drug and this pharmacy. Guys deliver really fast.
Clara Wei
Philadelphia, 2023-09-17 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid gave me the boost I needed to conceive. The problem was low egg count, and Clomid helped to deal with it. Now expecting our little one after four cycles.
Viola Black
Boston, 2023-09-09 (✅ verified customer)
When my partner and I decided to have a second baby, I found out I had anovulation and was prescribed this med. Unfortunately, Clomid caused intense hot flashes and mood swings for me. The side effects were too challenging, and I could not continue the treatment.
Rita Nightingale
St. Louis, 2023-08-31 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid worked wonders for me! It helped me ovulate regularly, and I got pregnant within three months of starting the treatment.
Elara Hawthorne
Pittsburgh, 2023-08-27 (✅ verified customer)
I had no luck with Clomid. Despite multiple rounds of treatment, I didn't ovulate, and it was a disappointing experience.
Hillary Pendleton
Atlanta, 2023-07-27 (✅ verified customer)
I was on depo for years, and it affected my ovulation. Clomid gave me a chance to get pregnant. Despite headaches and blurred vision, I kept taking it, and after a month of intake, I was pregnant. I'm over the moon.
Isolde Ravenscroft
Albuquerque, 2023-07-06 (✅ verified customer)
Using Clomid, I experienced mild side effects like nausea and fatigue, but overall, it was a positive experience as it helped me conceive.
Lana Ashford
Baltimore, 2023-06-18 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid increased my chances of ovulation, but unfortunately, I didn't get pregnant. It was a bit disheartening.
Lavinia Sterling
Tucson, 2023-06-17 (✅ verified customer)
My husband and I tried to conceive for a year without success, and I decided to go to a doctor. She prescribed Clomid, which gave me hope. After two months, it regulated my ovulation and eventually led to a successful pregnancy.
Hanna Whitaker
Sacramento, 2023-05-29 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid made me feel emotionally unstable, and I struggled with anxiety throughout the treatment. However, it completed its main task, and I got pregnant.
Mary Everhart
Chula Vista, 2023-05-08 (✅ verified customer)
I'm thankful for Clomid as it helped me conceive my third child. The side effects were mild and not bothering. Anyway, the final result was worth it.
Oriana Fairfax
Toledo, 2023-04-19 (✅ verified customer)
After the miscarriage, I was afraid I couldn't have kids anymore. But my doctor recommended Clomid. It caused abdominal discomfort and bloating for the first month, and there were no results I was waiting for. However, it did help me ovulate regularly and get pregnant during the second cycle.
Genevieve Montague
Denver, 2023-04-12 (✅ verified customer)
First of all, thanks for the fast delivery and great service. Secondly, Clomid worked well and quickly for me. I ovulated earlier than usual, and I got pregnant within the first month of treatment.
Amanda Sinclair
Nashville, 2023-03-27 (✅ verified customer)
My partner and I have been trying to conceive for a while now. I took Clomid as prescribed, but it was ineffective for me. Unfortunately, ovulation patterns didn't improve.
Calista Hartley
Washington, 2023-03-10 (✅ verified customer)
I would say it works, but it has rather severe side effects. I had mood swings and felt constantly tired, but during the second cycle after starting the med, I finally got pregnant.
Blair Westwood
Fresno, 2023-02-15 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid works, but I feel like it is not enough for me. It helped me ovulate regularly, and I got pregnant. But it ended too soon cause it was a chemical pregnancy. I hope I will have more luck in the future and continue the treatment.
Esmeralda Rosenthal
Colorado Springs, 2023-02-14 (✅ verified customer)
I'm still on it, hoping to get pregnant. Ovulation patterns did change for the better, but I suffer from intense hot flashes, especially at night.
Blake Sprouse
Oakland, 2023-01-31 (✅ verified customer)
This drug doesn't work fast, but it became a game-changer for me within three months. It regulated my ovulation, and I successfully conceived twins!
Cordelia Thorne
Boise, 2023-01-12 (✅ verified customer)
I had a positive experience with Clomid. But it took some time and patience. In the end, my cycles became more regular, and I conceived within four months of starting the treatment
Vanessa Merritt
Fremont, 2022-12-22 (✅ verified customer)
I had to stop taking this medication due to dizziness and lightheadedness. Currently searching for another drug.
Phoebe Lockwood
Hialeah, 2022-12-18 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid helped me ovulate regularly, but unfortunately, I didn't achieve the final goal of getting pregnant. I'm still on my way, and I don't lose hope.
Willow Beaumont
New York, 2022-11-13 (✅ verified customer)
I was worried and had doubts about Clomid intake at first because I'd heard about nasty side effects. However, it turned out my body accepted this drug well. I had no side effects, and it successfully induced ovulation for me.
Calliope Warwick
Charlotte, 2022-11-10 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid works if your doctor prescribes a proper dose. Things were not so easy for me. It took a few rounds to find the right dosage, but eventually, it helped me conceive
Inna Blackwell
San Diego, 2022-10-30 (✅ verified customer)
Unfortunately, Clomid didn't work for me, and I have to explore other fertility treatment options. Anyway, I didn't have side effects, and delivery was speedy.
Clair Winthrop
El Paso, 2022-10-13 (✅ verified customer)
It was a challenge to go through the Clomid treatment course. It caused mood swings and irritability, so it was hard for me to communicate and do my job. However, I got pregnant due to this med, and I'm thankful.
Kelly Kensington
Seattle, 2022-09-21 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid regulated my ovulation and helped me and my husband to conceive. The only side effect I had was fatigue.
Isadora Fitzwilliam
Portland, 2022-09-03 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid didn't suit me. I felt intense pelvic pain after intake. So, I had to discontinue the treatment.
Nina Ashcroft
Boston, 2022-08-28 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid worked great for me; I can call it a wow effect. After one month of intake, I ovulated earlier than usual. Currently pregnant with my second child!
Elysia Nightshade
Aurora, 2022-08-17 (✅ verified customer)
I consider this drug to be rather effective but not without flaws. I experienced side effects like headaches and nausea with Clomid, but it helped me ovulate regularly, which was the ultimate goal.
Susan Harrington
Chicago, 2022-07-20 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid worked only on round 2 for me. At first, I didn't notice any changes in my ovulation patterns. But after a break, 4months later, I did conceive.
Tracey Ellington
Indianapolis, 2022-07-04 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid has done a good job regulating my cycles. So I could pinpoint my ovulation window accurately and conceive successfully.
Candice Montgomery
Louisville, 2022-06-30 (✅ verified customer)
This med is not harmless. Together with ovulation improvement, it made me feel emotionally drained. It was a challenging experience overall.
Ally Worthington
Dallas, 2022-06-15 (✅ verified customer)
I'm 42 y.o. Trying to get pregnant despite having a PCOS diagnosis. So far, I don't have the desired results. But also, there are no side effects.
Lina Fairfax
Columbus, 2022-05-19 (✅ verified customer)
I had normal ovulations when I started Clomid, but my problem was miscarriages. It took me two and a half cycles to get pregnant. Now I have my dear daughter and am very happy.
Jessica Vanderbilt
Los Angeles, 2022-05-07 (✅ verified customer)
I'm 42 and was diagnosed with PCOS. Struggle with infertility made me almost lose hope until I started taking Clomid. It helped regulate my cycles and... I finally conceived after three cycles!!
Amelia Kingsley
San Antonio, 2022-04-28 (✅ verified customer)
My main problem was irregular ovulation, and I was prescribed Clomid to deal with that. It took a few cycles, but I'm now expecting my first baby. Can't be thankful enough
Mila Pennington
Chicago, 2022-04-12 (✅ verified customer)
Dealing with unexplained infertility was tough, but Clomid gave me hope. It took six cycles, but I'm now a proud mom.
Cordelia Sinclair
Seattle, 2022-03-11 (✅ verified customer)
Using Clomid alongside IUI was the winning combination for me. After two rounds, I got my positive pregnancy test.
Kate Beaumont
New York, 2022-03-02 (✅ verified customer)
My husband and I tried for years before turning to fertility treatment. My doctor recommended Clomid. It was a rollercoaster, and it took much time, but after five cycles, we were expecting our child.
Adele Kingsley
Glendale, 2022-02-16 (✅ verified customer)
In my case, we both struggled with infertility. Clomid was only part of our journey. But I consider this experience positive as we're now parents to a healthy baby boy.
Monica Lockwood
Norfolk, 2022-02-12 (✅ verified customer)
Being diagnosed with endometriosis was tough, especially when I knew what consequences this condition had. Clomid gave me hope. It took a few rounds, but I'm now pregnant.
Celine Fox
Houston, 2022-01-10 (✅ verified customer)
Dealing with secondary infertility was heartbreaking. I didn't even count on Clomid, to tell the truth. But it became my solution. Grateful for our little one on the way after three cycles.
Gigi Jones
Hialeah, 2022-01-09 (✅ verified customer)
I had irregular ovulations, and Clomid changed it. It took four cycles, but I'm now pregnant with my donor-conceived baby
Octavia Smith
Winston-Salem, 2021-12-24 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid was the first step in my journey to motherhood. Despite flushing and upset stomach, I continued treatment, and it worked within three cycles. I'm expecting my first child.
Megan Fitzwilliam
Reno, 2021-12-01 (✅ verified customer)
I was struggling with anovulation for two years before I started Clomid. It was a game-changer. Blessed to be pregnant after just two cycles.
Lena Kensington
Buffalo, 2021-11-25 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid works, but not fast. It is a great med overall that helped me to conceive after years of trying.
Ginevra Wentworth
Riverside, 2021-11-09 (✅ verified customer)
Using Clomid with timed intercourse was a successful strategy. It took patience, but it worked. Btw thanks for the good service and fast delivery.
Luna Montgomery
Cincinnati, 2021-10-17 (✅ verified customer)
My diagnosis is diminished ovarian reserve. Clomid gave us hope. After four cycles, my prayers were heard, and I'll be a mom soon.
Bella Huntington
Lincoln, 2021-10-10 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid helped with infertility due to thyroid issues. Grateful to be pregnant after three cycles.
Julia Blackwell
Anaheim, 2021-09-20 (✅ verified customer)
Using Clomid alongside lifestyle changes. There have been no side effects, and I look forward to positive results.
Grace Depp
Pittsburgh, 2021-09-08 (✅ verified customer)
Effective med with mild side effects. Worked for me.
Persephone Blackwood
Oklahoma City, 2021-08-30 (✅ verified customer)
Facing secondary infertility was tough. And I didn't expect the pills would help so fast. Grateful to be pregnant after two cycles.
Tara Reed
Memphis, 2021-08-14 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid was part of our strategy alongside acupuncture. After five cycles, we're expecting our baby.
Gwendolyn Ellington
Chicago, 2021-07-22 (✅ verified customer)
My diagnosis is PCOS. So, I took Clomid to regulate my cycles. Now expecting our baby after three months.
Rachel Clark
Philadelphia, 2021-07-20 (✅ verified customer)
After four cycles, we're thrilled to be expecting our little one. Clomid is a great med!
Esmeralda Ravenscroft
Columbus, 2021-06-27 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid gave me hope when I almost came to terms with my infertility. But now I'm pregnant after six months of intake.
Lisa Worthington
Albuquerque, 2021-06-08 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid was part of our journey. It took time and effort. Flushes and headaches were severe at times. But it was all worth it. Now we're parents.
Whitney Beauregard
Las Vegas, 2021-05-13 (✅ verified customer)
Finding out you have endometriosis isn't pleasant. But the good news is there are drugs like Clomid. It gave me hope, and I managed to conceive after three months of treatment.
Lucy Peverley
Atlanta, 2021-05-05 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid works slowly, but it's effective. I achieved the desired result only after five cycles and went through vomiting, breast discomfort, and headache as side effects.
Calliope Spellman
Arlington, 2021-04-28 (✅ verified customer)
I was prescribed Clomid to deal with secondary infertility. And it worked well. Now pregnant after three cycles.
Amber Waverly
Miami, 2021-04-14 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid helped me to conceive, but I went through a miscarriage and had to try it one more time. The second attempt had a better final, and I am a mom now.
Elysia Beaumont
Virginia Beach, 2021-04-06 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid was our starting point in fertility treatment. I had side effects, including flushes and headaches. However, after three cycles, we're expecting twins after years of trying.
Dorothy Wales
Milwaukee, 2021-03-22 (✅ verified customer)
I'm 40 and have infertility due to PCOS. Clomid was a blessing. Now pregnant after three cycles.
Laura Pendleton
Bakersfield, 2021-03-21 (✅ verified customer)
Recently, I was diagnosed with ovulatory dysfunction. My doctor prescribed me a 100mg dosage, and I started it only last month. Now expecting a baby after just one cycle. It feels like a miracle to me.
Samantha Thate
Oakland, 2021-02-17 (✅ verified customer)
Clomid was part of my strategy to conceive alongside lifestyle changes. All I can say is it worked. Now pregnant after three months of treatment.
Cassie Wainwright
Chula Vista, 2022-02-03 (✅ verified customer)
After a miscarriage, Clomid helped us conceive again. But the not-so-good part is the med made me super emotional during all the treatment, and I got bloated at times.

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Clomid Product Description

Drug Uses

Clomid is a non-steroidal antiestrogen, used to treat female infertility. Clomid helps increase an estrogen level in its deficiency, and increases an estrogen level in a low level of female sex hormones. Low doses of Clomid are used to achieve a moderate estrogenic effect. High doses of Clomid are used to achieve and maintain an antiestrogen effect.

Clomid tablets are prescribed to infertile women in:

secondary amenorrhea
psychogenic amenorrhea
hyperandrogenic anovulation
post-oral contraceptive amenorrhea

To treat female infertility, Clomid pills should be taken daily for 5 days. If ovulation stimulation was not successful within one treatment course, Clomid can be used for another course of the infertility treatment.

Missed dose

If you’ve forgotten to take Clomid on time, take it as soon as possible. However, in this case you will have to adjust your next dose of tablets, spacing it out by 4 to 5 hours. Don’t try to compensate for the missed dose of Clomid by taking a double dose at a time

More Information

Clomid tablets should be taken at the same time, without chewing, with a full glass of water. Ovulation normally occurs between 5 to 12 days after a course of Clomid pills, so sexual intercourse should be planned for the expected ovulation time. To calculate the ovulation time, the patients can use appropriate tests and a basal body temperature chart.

Before start using Clomid, the women are recommended to pass the liver function test. Patients with acute liver failure or a history of liver diseases, are advised to choose some alternative methods of infertility treatment, instead of Clomid application.


Clomid pills should be protected from light, heat and moisture, and stored in an original container, out of the reach of children, at room temperature not below 15°C.

Clomid Safety Information


Visual acuity may be changed during the therapy with Clomid. As a rule, visual disturbances are reversible and disappear as soon as a woman stops taking Clomid pills. Using Clomid as monotherapy or in combination with gonadotropins, some women may experience ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). To reduce the risk of OHSS, lower doses of Clomid are recommended for the treatment of infertility.


The medical information on the treatment of female infertility, published in the review of Clomid pills, is provided only as introductory material, and not intended to replace your doctor’s consultation. The online pharmacy expressly disclaims the responsibility for any damages or loss, suffered as a result of the use of information about ovulatory dysfunction and Clomid.

Clomid Side Effects

Any unwanted effects are rare, if the recommended dose of Clomid is used, and normally disappear after the cessation of the treatment. However, high doses of Clomid may cause: nausea, vomiting, ovarian enlargement, vasomotor flushes, abdominal-pelvic discomfort (including distension, bloating, and pain or soreness), headache and intermenstrual spotting.

Less than 1% of women, taking Clomid, may experience certain reversible unwanted effects, including: hair loss/dry hair, nervous tension, vertigo, weight gain/loss, appetite increase, constipation, dermatitis, rash, depression, diarrhea, dizziness and fatigue.

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